• Official Festival Invitations

  • 2019-08

    The Waves Festival - Danemark
  • 2019-09

    B Motion Festival - Italy
  • 2017-06

    BOK Festival - Macau
  • 2016-06

    RTO 284 - Korea
  • 2015-08

    Yohanza Theater - Korea

Bodies In The Dark

How free can you be in the dark? Why can’t we be free even when nobody can see us?

This performance allows you to confront the conditions that keep you from being free. You can examine the mechanism of self-regulation that our society has inscribed in us and the sexual objectification of body that we easily overlook. Getting away from the physical glances that constantly restrict our bodies, the piece lets us see body as the origin of all emotions. Everything proceeds according to the choice and will of the audience, who can create their own individual experience. Though in darkness, one’s own ethics will determine each person’s experience.

This performance pursues a ‘neutral colour’. The lone performer who greets each participant and the voice of the teller are both devoid of any kind of emotions or personality. As they remain as colourless as possible throughout the performance, it is left in the hands of the participants to fill it with colours. As a result, the role of the performers is reduced to a minimum, while that of the participants becomes maximised. The latter will have to continually question themselves about which colours they’d like to choose.

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