• Official Festival Invitations

  • 2020-02

    The Performance Arcade - New Zealand
  • 2019-08

    The Waves Festival - Danemark
  • 2019-08

  • 2019-08

    Sziget Festival - Hungary
  • 2019-07

    Stockton International Riverside Festival - England
  • 2019-05

    Pohang Street Arts Festival - Korea
  • 2018-10

    Seoul Street Arts Festival - Korea
  • 2018-05

    Ansan International Street Arts Festival - Korea

Although separated like islands, we are all immersed in the same sea. Nobody can choose the conditions of life themselves. We owe much to those who endure the agony and hatred present in the world.

Haenyeo (lit. sea women) or female divers of Jeju IslandKorea dive into the sea to gather various shellfish. The Korean word ‘muljil’ refers to their diving activities. It is understood that when diving into the deep water, each haenyeo endures a critical moment of breathlessness at least twice.

Only those who are determined to risk their lives can overcome such brief moments of crisis. Haenyeo explain that they dive into the water to face death and then come out alive every day.

The crossroads of life and death that haenyeo encounter when diving certainly exist in our daily lives. For one reason or another, people come face to face with death. I hope to examine how my contemporaries stumble upon death and then escape from it.

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